Finding meaningful audiences to engage around live content, at scale.

Delivering an audience.

The greatest challenge for brands and content producers is reaching target audiences. Brand Knew internally identified an opportunity to improve the manner in which video content, both live and pre-recorded across the web, was distributed, engaged with and analytically understood.

The agency built a video player agnostic, turn-key delivery system that leveraged owned (Facebook, Twitter, website), earned (press articles) and purchased (banner ads and other purchased media) assets towards building massive, targeted audiences.

5000+ engineering hours.

As an enterprise video platform, it enables the distribution of time sensitive live or pre-recorded video at scale better than any other technology on the web. And it wraps video content with viewer engagement functionality, allowing real-time optimization and analyses. This drives increased conversion and more revenue for brands and broadcasters.

Clients include President Obama and Organizing for Action, Universal Pictures, E! Entertainment, Random House, AOL and Under Armour.

**Intercast was acquired by AmpLive in October, 2016.