Offering a singular destination for TV fanatics.

The Concept.

Before Screener, there was no singular destination in the television space that provides a unique blend of editorial content and tangible utility through captivating design. The great minds at Tribune Media conceptualized the Screener model. They came to Brand Knew seeking the aesthetics and identity to fit their nascent’s brand narrative. Brand Knew helped to craft Screener as a brand that is relevant, informative and editorial, while also being fun and engaging, tying it all together with a modern, sleek look and feel.

The Identity.

The Screener brandmark is minimalist in nature and speaks to what its audience wants: more depth, less clutter, more truth, less adspeak. As the concept behind Screener is to enable its readers to expand their minds. Brand Knew crafted an identity which speaks to this expansion and dispenses with fluff of any kind.

Screener’s typefaces pair traditional editorial sentiment with the digital age. The marriage of minimalism and traditionalism speak to a brand that is intelligent without being stuffy, and current without being clickbait. The color palette is vibrant and almost neon but limited and distinct so as to become visually synonymous with the brand.

Filling Out The Brand.

Once the identity was in place, Brand Knew got to work designing Screener’s primary face to consumers: its website. With a collapsable menu to the side which enables users to navigate to wherever they choose, featured content is front and center. While the site is mobile optimized, Brand Knew also aided in designing the framework for a Screener mobile app. In addition, Brand Knew helped fill out Screener’s other digital and print collateral needs including banner ads, a fully fledged letterhead system and other swag.