Powering the bandwidth of a 5G Lab.

In Pursuit of 5G.

Ranked at 19 on the Fortune 500 list, Verizon enlisted Brand Knew at a critical moment in their pursuit to launch 5G broadband capacity. In preparation for Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg’s announcement, the Verizon 5G Lab team needed to mobilize quickly to clearly and palatably present the prospect of the tech to the world. Their plan to deploy the next-gen wireless technology in 30 cities by the end of 2019 would be supported by 5G challenges – a nationwide search for the best products, services, and applications that would bring the true power of 5G to life.

Take the Challenge.

Brand Knew conceived and executed a web experience, designed and developed true to Verizon’s internal brand standards; and consistent with the global communication giant’s visual narrative. A cross browser and mobile friendly solution, integrated with the Salesforce API, allowed the 5G Labs team to effectively announce and launch both its Built on 5G Challenge and 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge. A carefully crafted launch strategy, with an agile development roadmap, positioned Verizon for success when the stakes were highest.  We enlisted our partners at WP Engine to ensure 100% uptime and server stability, amongst massive traffic surges.  As 5G Labs builds momentum, Brand Knew continues to serve as a meaningful partner in Verizon’s pursuit of national 5G coverage.