Charging towards the future of digital savings.

Change Is Coming.

ChangeUp is the piggy bank for the modern age. This revolutionary device allows users to deposit change directly into their bank accounts via an app on their smartphone. In an era of convenience, ChangeUp disrupts the status quo by making coins count again.

With over $10.5 billion in spare change sitting idly in American homes, ChangeUp was eager to break into this largely untapped market. When the company came to Brand Knew, they were in need of a suite of branding and design services that included a logo redesign, marketing strategy, updated product design, and everything in between.

Building Credit.

ChangeUp needed a streamlined look to match its streamlined approach to saving spare change. Inspired by the process of a coin simply being dropped into a piggy bank, Brand Knew created a sleek new logo that reset the tone for the brand. The design overhaul also included a completely revamped and mobile-optimized website, revitalized mobile app, and a fresh take on the look of the product itself.

Bank Of Services.

With a cohesive brand identity properly developed, Brand Knew then augmented ChangeUp’s business strategy by developing and implementing a media buying plan to maximize consumer awareness in advance of the product’s launch.  Brand Knew also recommended and introduced ChangeUp to their current COO, who was brought in to manage production and keep the product launch on schedule.

Collecting Interest.

To complement this new ad buy strategy, ChangeUp needed an attention-grabbing marketing plan that would explain the need for the product and the ubiquity of coins. Brand Knew created and managed all of ChangeUp’s social media accounts, establishing the voice and tone of the product, tailored to the brand’s target online audience. In addition to drafting content, the Brand Knew design team created a series of highly shareable social images featuring witty financial quotes and tips that quickly cultivated a following.

A Penny For Your Thoughts.

Taking things to the next level, Brand Knew conceptualized and launched an experiential guerilla marketing campaign in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas that featured two fictional political candidates, Pennyworth and Copperstopper, vying for election based on pro or anti-penny ideology. These filmed protests, as well as a series of other funny shorts promoting the benefits of using ChangeUp, were produced and edited by Brand Knew’s in-house video production team and promoted online.

Thanks to Brand Knew, ChangeUp now has a solid foundation of creative support and overall strategy on which they can grow a successful brand.