The Birth of a Business

The birth of a business offers a faint heartbeat. It comes with no fanfare and warrants no congratulations. It’s a spontaneous conception; a foolhardy foray into the unknown, requiring confidence summoned from wells that don’t yet exist. Founders breathe life into aspirational vehicles with each decision, projecting bravado, but shivering inside from the cold reality of a slick footing.

The early days represent excitement and fear in equal measure. There are a thousand mistakes to make with each opportunity, as you harness intuition towards sound judgment, fingers crossed tightly and praying that preparation will find a bedfellow in luck. Early days become a few months of testing your thesis. These months of hypothesis lead to months of convincing others, and yourself, that this experiment is worth continuing to pursue and build upon. The months of heavy lifting, become a few years of enforcing a brand narrative that becomes strengthened on its own merit. The years quickly fall upon more years that require stamina, fortitude and some of the same potent foolishness that was requisite at the onset. And then suddenly, with the blink of an eye, enough years have passed that you can’t even identify when this glimmer of an idea became a real, sustainable venture.

As Brand Knew clocks a decade of creative endeavor this year, we usher in the end of the beginning. What started as a simple idea between weathered partners, has become a creative collective that is truly the sum of its parts.

Brand Knew has evolved into a professional playground with a serious sense of purpose; one that thrives on the diversity of thought of our wildly creative, insatiably curious, studiously analytical, eagerly collaborative team. The founders have entrusted the broader team with our original mission and asked them to carry the banner of what we’d set out to achieve. These extraordinary people we’ve hired have defined our culture. And the extraordinary organizations we’ve partnered with have defined our reputation.

This summer, we opened an expansion premises in our Century City offices to accommodate a larger team, on a broader mission. Our Brand Knew site launches today with a refined brand narrative and purpose. We hope you’ll take time in the coming months to explore our new digital and physical spaces.

As a business stands the test of time, the perceived success draws accolades from those who simply observe the sheen of the shell. But the healthy heart of the organism beats with increasing ambition towards an undetermined finish line. There’s no better indicator that it’s all about the journey than how quickly the first ten years have passed. In this moment, we’re living our fondest memories. And we hope to have continued opportunities to partner with wonderful organizations towards meaningful growth.