IMAX Shift

Putting an immersive spin on traditional exercise.

Visual. Physical. Emotional.

iMax Shift is a full body immersive experience that combines the core concept of iMax with the energy of a group spin class, to take you on a physical and visual journey. Cycle studios are fitted with massive screens and surround sound that propel you into an adventure. As you pedal, iMax Shift guides you through landscapes, cities and beyond.

With a game-changing idea and ground-breaking technology, the iMax Shift team needed to put their best foot forward, and fast. They came to Brand Knew in search of a creative partner with digital expertise, that could guide them down the right path and funnel their complex web needs into a simple consumer offering.

Building Momentum.

iMax Shift entrusted Brand Knew to lead direction in executing their vision. They wanted to establish a clean, but powerful platform for their studio that was informative, user friendly and conveyed their core business values. Working with FitMetrix’s API, Brand Knew was brought on to tackle iMax Shift’s challenges within development and design.

In the development stage, Brand Knew overcame difficult issues that iMax Shift faced as a result of utilizing FitMetrix’s API in its infancy stage. In doing so, the firm implemented a number of creative solutions that allowed iMax Shift’s desired functionality and aesthetic preferences to flourish. From a front-end creative perspective, Brand Knew created a beautiful and emotive experience that brought the iMax immersive feeling into a web property.

A Unique Workout Experience Arrives.

As the partnership evolved, Brand Knew organically became a comprehensive creative layer to ensure the brand was being threaded appropriately across all mediums. Brand Knew and iMax Shift have developed a collaboration built on a passion for cutting edge ideas and innovative experiences. Each aspect of iMax Shift, from the website’s design to the post workout stretch, is perfectly crafted to fuel imagination and inspire workouts.