Lunchpails & Lipstick

Styling mom bloggers for a digital presence worthy of their lifestyles.

A Love For Lifestyle.

Lunchpails and Lipstick (L&L) is a successful blog run by two entrepreneurial moms, Jenna Crandall and Lisa Allen, who live on opposite sides of the country. Their love of fashion, beauty and all things lifestyle led to their bicoastal collaboration, which has accrued over 93k Instagram followers.

After their blog’s conception, L&L grew faster than they predicted, and their core brand identity needed refining. In order to take their business to the next level, L&L needed an injection of innovation and an experienced digital partner. L&L came to Brand Knew for a strategic and comprehensive redesign of their entire online presence.

Passion Turned Career.

With a substantial growth trajectory, the L&L ladies were busy. Without time on their side, they relied on Brand Knew to take the reins of digitally streamlining their operation. Brand Knew dove head first into developing a fresh identity, which culminated in the launch of the simplified L&L logo.

L&L’s biggest challenge was a cumbersome and fractured website flow. It was outdated, lacked direction, and did not represent their high-end image. And L&L was producing fresh content that was getting lost in the shuffle. Brand Knew cleaned up the site, stripping it of complications, and focused on building a user-friendly, contemporary hub that perfectly represented L&L’s core identity. Improvements included category optimization, image scaling and seamless integration of shopping offers.

Brand Knew guided L&L smoothly through a transition from version one to version two by ensuring limited downtime and a seamless user experience. L&L was able to elevate their status as high-end lifestyle bloggers thanks to branding that reflected their individual personalities and core business values.