Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Remembering our past, in order to protect our future.

Stories Begin.

As the 3rd largest Holocaust memorial museum in the world, the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is a constant, living reminder of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Anchoring the southernmost tip of New York City’s Lower Manhattan, the Museum completes the cultural and educational landscape it shares with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. To the north, the buildings of the new World Trade Center gleam—reminders, etched into the New York City skyline, of a collective responsibility to remember and renew.

Hoping to increase attendance and livestream viewership for their 2017 Annual Gathering of Remembrance in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Museum turned to Brand Knew for social media strategy and implementation of its AmpLive platform. With the success of this engagement, the Museum recognized an overarching need to further position themselves for optimal impact within the digital landscape. What started as a project engagement soon developed into a long-term, digital partnership focused on social media strategy, paid media, and brand awareness.

Stories Define.

To help the Museum meaningfully emerge in a crowded digital space, Brand Knew created a high-level strategy leveraging the newest social marketing platforms, prioritizing customer service, driving foot traffic into the Museum, and increasing brand awareness. Brand Knew’s daily management of the Museum’s social channels have helped define their digital voice as well as inspire audience loyalty, interest, and engagement.

To further connect the Museum’s digital activations with its on-site programming, Brand Knew created the tagline and hashtag #StoriesSurvive, which has become the cornerstone of the Museum’s brand identity, both online and on-the-ground.

Stories Go Viral.

Patrons have responded to the shift. After just eight months, the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s social following has increased by 41% and in-person foot traffic has nearly doubled. Today, the Museum’s social platforms attract an engaged, authentic audience that is inspired by learning and storytelling and has a special place in their hearts for Jewish history and heritage.

Brand Knew activates these audiences through custom-designed graphics and video content promoting Holocaust survivor stories, visitor experiences, exhibitions and installations, and upcoming events and programs.

Media buying is also a major pillar of Brand Knew’s digital strategy. Brand Knew utilizes a combination of awareness ads, conversion ads, RSVP event ads and promoted posts to maximize the impact of each ad dollar spent and concentrate budget on a highly targeted audience. As a result, Brand Knew reached nearly 10 million New Yorkers and helped drive a half million video views and over 2,000 event registrations with a limited budget.

Stories Connect.

As part of their focus on education, the Museum welcomes more than 50,000 school children every year. Brand Knew incorporates the themes and lessons students encounter into the Museum’s social strategy, as a way to bridge the gap between classroom curriculum and the visitor experience. By strengthening the connection between ‘digital’ and in-person, Brand Knew elevates visitors’ engagement with the Museum.

In addition to providing a source of education, the Museum’s social platforms must also attract new and repeat visitors. Through programs like the 2017 Artist Challenge, which encouraged artists to visit the Museum and create an original piece of art, and custom video creation to promote new exhibits and installations, Brand Knew entices more visitors to see the Museum in-person.

Stories Survive.

Brand Knew continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital and social media to ensure the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s legacy as the leader of Jewish history and heritage before, during and after the Holocaust.