Leveraging fitness data towards charitable donations.

Converting Everyday Activity Into Charitable Donations.

Brand Knew internally identified an opportunity to develop a technology that leverages fitness data towards charitable giving.

Traditionally, athletes competing in formal races and events can raise money for different causes by designating set distances they intend to achieve. Since not everyone is a competitive athlete, FitCause allows individuals to raise money and awareness for causes that are important to them, through everyday activity. The technology leverages the motion (fitness) data collected across mobile and wearable devices, and facilitates charitable giving based on different metrics.

Consumer and enterprise.

Users contribute their fitness to causes in one of two ways. Some individuals designate their own organizations to rally for and include their friends in the mission to build broader awareness, more donations and greater collective fitness achievements. Other individuals join existing missions, underwritten by corporate sponsors, and commit their fitness to those causes.

The brand mark was developed to represent the circularity of both a physical track that many runners use to competitively train and the cycle of doing good that the platform enables. It also pays homage to the wearable wrist technology that prevalently launched consumer interest in measuring fitness activity.

Broader opportunities.

After a few months of development and in understanding the size of the opportunity, Brand Knew spun FitCause out as a separate entity, hired an experienced leadership team, and independently capitalized the venture in partnership with Nike and TechStars.

In 2016, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs issued a substantial grant to FitCause to facilitate an initiative that would track the fitness and activity of the nation’s veterans in partnership with a leading veteran-focused non-profit organization.