Providing stalwarts of the creative industries, with extraordinary opportunities.

A Gated Community.

Gatekeepers is a private membership club for assistants and coordinators in the creative industries. After passing a competitive admissions process, accepted members receive exclusive access to coveted and unique experiences, products, events and other special offerings.

When Gatekeepers approached Brand Knew, the business was a back-of-the-napkin idea. The company sought the agency’s help in determining brand identity, product road map and roll out strategy.

Out of the Gates.

After developing the company’s official name, Brand Knew began the creative branding process. Brand Knew delivered to Gatekeepers an original logo, comprehensive branding strategy and a beautifully designed pitch deck for on-boarding brand partners.

The essence of the brand speaks to the individuals who are the true gatekeepers for some of the most influential professionals in the business world. As Gatekeepers is initially rolled out to Hollywood, the brand itself is positioned to extend to additional verticals. The crown glory is now worn by both the exclusive gatekeeper and those whom they represent.

The Offering.

The core back-end function of Gatekeepers is engineered for a seamless application approval process. At the discretion of Gatekeepers, once an application has been approved, members receive access to coveted perks and events. An optimized subscription model with full infrastructural flexibility allows for dynamic management of content and most importantly, revenue scalability.

Today, over one thousand LA-based assistants and coordinators have applied for exclusive membership in the Gatekeepers network. Brand Knew continues to help cultivate Gatekeepers’ identity and advise in the growth of their business, as the community signs up Fortune 500 companies who are keen on tapping into this elusive market.