Mayoral Dermatology

Practicing as a family makes perfect.

A Social Media Glow Up.

In crafting the social media strategy for Mayoral, Brand Knew laid out three foundational content themes with Dr. Mayoral, Dr. Vega, and Dr. Pompa at the center. These themes include tips and tricks from the knowledgable doctors, footage of and information about the innovative procedures offered at the practice, and content that displays how the doctors are actively engaged with the local Miami community.

To build a larger organic audience, Brand Knew identified the added advantage of leveraging the three individual doctors’ personal social accounts, in tandem with the Mayoral accounts. With knowledge of the growing public interest in certain dermatological services, such as lip fillers and Kybella, Brand Knew strategically showcases videos and “before and after” photos of these procedures. At the same time, Brand Knew also taps into the authentic personalities of all three doctors by featuring content about the doctors both in and out of the office. Since engaging with Brand Knew, the Mayoral social accounts have grown by 95% on Facebook, 75% on Twitter and 7,583% on Instagram. Instagram has quickly become the most potent source of referral social traffic and the core focus of the social strategy.

The Beauty of Search Results.

Looking at the crowded market of dermatological practices in Miami, it was immediately evident that optimizing Mayoral’s search ranking would be essential to driving increased web and foot traffic to the business. The first step towards doing this successfully was to better analytically understand Mayoral website traffic and visitors. To do this, Brand Knew implemented tracking systems that allow for in depth analysis of all website conversions and knowledge of exactly which keywords are most valuable in driving customers to the site. With this insight, Brand Knew continues to create content strategically optimized for these keywords. Content includes explanatory videos that help users understand what procedures look like, the science behind them and associated benefits; infographics that describe proper skin care and the role of a dermatologist therein; and articles that explain Mayoral’s priority treatments.

When Brand Knew was first tasked with management of the Mayoral website, it had less than 1,500 visitors each month. As a result of SEO efforts, the number of organic search visitors per month has increased by 807% in just three years. The number of leads (appointment requests) has increased by 567%. This represents tremendous growth in the number of organic search-driven patients, resulting from the significant gains in keyword ranking across all major relevant keywords. This chart represents the increase in ranking for Mayoral for related keywords between February 2018 and February 2019. In 2018, Mayoral ranked 40th for the keyword search “Cosmetic Dermatologist Miami.” In the space of one year, Mayoral’s ranking for this same search entry jumped up 18 spots to rank 22.

As a singular, popular Miami practice with most patients from the immediate area, Brand Knew also identified that a priority focus for the Mayoral SEO strategy must be identifying/targeting local search results. The success in increasing Mayoral’s local ranking has been achieved through blogger outreach, engagement on Q&A websites, acquisition of local listings in targeted directories, and distribution of videos across various publishers. As a medical practice, link targeting medical websites has also been a priority, as it positions Mayoral and its doctors as experts. These efforts have resulted in a consistent increase of local organic traffic of more than 50% year over year.

Mayoral has seen significant growth in its digital footprint. While most practices in the medical field are just starting to see the value in having a strategic creative and digital presence, Brand Knew has helped Mayoral to pave a successful trajectory of increased search ranking that has been critically impactful to its bottom line. Through an orchestra of social media, paid media, SEO, and reputation management, Mayoral’s business continues to thrive in Miami.