Delivering on-demand personal training to the comfort of your home.

Fit yourself in.

Brand Knew was approached by a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to develop an on-demand fitness app. Brand Knew developed the brand, and built the website and iOS app for the start-up.

TroupeFit allows people to request yoga, pilates or general training sessions with vetted, certified trainers that come directly to homes, gyms or designated public locations.

Make ‘working out’ work.

The app allows users to book on-demand sessions in five simple clicks. This saves time and excuses, and delivers motivational, premium, custom workouts. Trainers cater to specific needs of clients, addressing individual goals, particular injuries, pregnancies and more.

The branding was developed to portray a chic athleticism, with slender but sturdy letters equipped with bars that encourage users to pull themselves up to new levels of fitness, wellness and confidence.

Simply Built.

Brand Knew focused on developing a scalable and dynamic mobile architecture, built on a steady foundation.  The consumer-facing user interface and experience needed to be presented as simply as possible, to ensure few clicks towards booking a convenient workout.  There’s a certain complexity to simple presentation, and TroupeFit represents the golden standard of blending a booking system, payment mechanism and administrative portal into a streamlined effort.  TroupeFit was simply built to help consumers get simply built.