Unmarked Skincare

Prioritizing natural beauty.

 Smoothing Out a Solution.

An entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the skincare industry came to Brand Knew with interest in launching his own all-natural, cruelty-free line. Armed with over ten years of experience in dermatological product production, Mark Forster had seen first-hand where other brands had fallen short in helping consumers effectively solve their skincare issues. With so many skincare companies out there, Mark wanted to create a brand that would stand apart from the competition and fill an obvious void.

The idea was to create an environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, medicinally formulated skincare line that focused on products with high-quality ingredients that are backed by the science of botanicals. Mark was well-equipped to develop these products, but needed a creative partner to bring his ideas to life. Brand Knew defined and created the brand identity that would embody the vision and transform this skincare line from one in a thousand, to one of a kind.

Purely Impactful, Truly Simple.

Brand Knew crafted a brand name that both intrigued the consumer and embodied the mission of the company. Mark wanted this to be a natural, stripped down skincare line, focused on treating the foundation of one’s skin. Unmarked represents the fresh, untouched look everyone is hoping to achieve without makeup or harsh chemicals, exuding a sense of vibrancy and nourishment. This name is also an ode to the founder, who explicitly did not want to be the face of the business.  The brand is literally un-mark-ed.

Once the name was established, Brand Knew forged ahead in creating the Unmarked logo, color palette, and product packaging. This was followed by the build-out of a comprehensive brand guideline that would act as the blueprint for everything from conception, to launch, and beyond.

Hitting The Mark.

With these foundational elements in place, the Brand Knew team worked to create a website and social strategy. The design team developed a site with an aesthetic that matched the simplicity, sleekness, efficiency, and ease-of-use of the product. The marketing team created a social plan that would build awareness leading up to the launch and continuously strengthen the brand post-launch. Brand Knew organized and executed a two-day photoshoot that utilized Unmarked products and influencers to produce a library of photos and videos for the website, social channels, and paid media launch strategy.

In order for Unmarked to optimize launch impact, Brand Knew developed a comprehensive paid media strategy to drive sales and ensure that the brand would creatively cut through marketplace noise.  Brand Knew also coordinated a team of consultants to aid Mark in production, distribution and launch.